• As I Am: Abba Before and Beyond by Agnetha Faltskog with Brita Ahman is published by Virgin on October 16

    Knowing me knowing you: Agnetha on . . .

    On Frida: I admit there was a strong sense of competition within both of us. I don't want to hide the fact that Frida and I had opposite backgrounds, temperaments and personalities. We could get furious and tired with each other, so we had our moments.

    On Bjorn: we fell deeply in love during a television recording in May 1969. Bjorn was warm and tender. He had a charming voice and was an artist, like me.

    On the divorce: when Bjorn and I separated we told the media it was a "happy" divorce, which, of course, was a front ­ we all know there is no such thing as a happy divorce.

    On the break-up of the band: we had an unspoken agreement ­ when it no longer seems fun, we'll call it a day. Talk of me ending Abba's career is wrong.

    On the songs: it's hard to tell when a hit is being made. Dancing Queen was an exception: we knew immediately it was going to be huge. The same thing with Fernando and Chiquitita, which sent shivers up the spine straight away. But the best of all Abba songs is The Winner Takes It All ­ a small masterpiece.

    On the band's image: the press were a little surprised that we didn't have bigger rave-ups, but instead could often be found jogging and exercising. But we did have wild times.

    On winning the Eurovision song contest: it was just unbelievable when Waterloo won. To calm my nerves I started getting dressed early. I'd bought some small stars, which glittered beautifully, and glued them to my cheeks as a way of preparing myself, of getting into character.

    On the future: sometimes I get the urge to do something again. A few years ago it was totally inconceivable. But I am conscious of having a special voice, so there are days when it feels tempting.